Posted on: March 30, 2008 8:54 pm

MLB Breakdown: National League East

Here are rankings of all 16 teams in the National League. I am ranking Starting pitching, Bullpen, Offense, and Defense from a scale of 1(worst) to 5(best). The overall rankings are all the numbers added up, so a overall score can be between 4-20.


Mets: SP: 5, B: 3, O: 4, D: 4 Overall: 16: Regarded by many as the favorites to win the National League and even the World Series, this is all thanks to their starting rotation, which was already strong and now includes a 2 time Cy-Young winner. Remember the old saying: Pitching wins Championships? It's true.

Phillies: SP: 3, B: 3, O: 5, D: 3 Overall: 14: A Playoff berth won't be enough for this title-starved city, but a title will have to wait until the pitching gets better. It's tough to be a ping-pong offensive team and win a championship.

Braves: SP: 4, B: 3, O: 4, D: 2 Overall: 13: A little weak defensively, they still are poised to challenge for their 15th division title in 17 seasons after missing the playoffs for two years in a row. It'll be interesting to see how the return of Tom Glavine affects them.

Nationals: SP: 1, B: 4, O: 2, D: 2: Overall: 9: The Nation's capital is good for many things, politics, bills, museums, just not baseball. More talent, but not much in the way of significant upgrades.

Marlins: SP: 1, B: 3, O, 2, D: 1: Overall: 7:This is not the year for Miami sports. The Dolphins, the Heat, and now the Marlins get their turn to be the doormat of the league. Miami, besides being the home of the worst professional sports teams, is also the home of the lowest payroll, smallest crowds(if they can even be called that) and worst starting pitching.

Division Champions: Mets

Wild Card: Phillies

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